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Villatel Salse

Villatel Salse

Relax = salse! Roughly translated as ‘to unwind’. Salse is a moment when the stillness of time is embraced. An arduous design phase with Baskoro Tedjo and Hepta as the architects, Andre Gunarsa Kidarse and Ruang Hijau as landscape designers, and Erwin¬† Meyer and Starkx as Interior designers, has resulted in a thoughtful resort; a place to mend uneasiness, to leave weariness behind, to calm emotions and to spread love. The main keyword is energizing.

The small resort is consisted of eight unique villas, of which each are specifically design and treated. As a pilot model afor larger resorts, Salse is equipped with mini amphitheater placed above river streams, spa around the trees, and a restaurant named Warung Salse.

At this concept restaurant, we provide innovative traditional food and drinks for every visitor to indulge, with helps from the splendid green ridge view. Far below, a valley with small river formed a zen-state peace with the sound of water dripping onto rocks.


Andonowati received a PhD degree in mathematical physics from McGill University, Montreal, Canada, in 1995. Afterwards she was working as a Researcher and a Faculty Lecturer at McGill until 1997 when she joined the Applied Analysis and Mathematical Physics Group, at University of Twente, Netherlands. She was appointed as the Scientific Manager, 2000-2005, for Extended Programmes in Applied Mathematics (EPAM); a bilateral programme Indonesia – Netherlands. She came back to Indonesia in 1999 to work at Institute Teknologi Bandung while keeping a part-time employment at UTwente as a senior researcher until March 2011.

Andonowati, together with Prof. E (Benny) van Groesen, is the founder of an independent research institute called LabMath-Indonesia www.lab-math-indonesia.org. The institute, advocating and stimulating the use of mathematical modeling and stimulation, currently focuses on two main strategic orientation namely coastal oceanography and environmental water.

In 1992 Andonowati embarked in art market practices while living in Canada. Upon returning to Indonesia in 1999, she has been collecting artworks mostly from Indonesian artist.

Andonowaty initiated ArtSociates www.artsociates.com in 2007, an entity that is later hosted at a private Art and Science Estate, Lawangwangi starting in late 2009. Initially, the Estate was meant to be a gift Art &  Science Society in general. In 2010, Andonowati initiated Bandung Contemporary Art Awards. It is annual awards to encourage young talented artists to develop ideas in art and visualize them using diverse media. Aiming at sustainability, in recent development, Lawangwangi is re-branded as Lawangwangi Creative Space and became a Flag Ship for PT. Lawangwangi, working on hospitality industry. The New Venture was initiated in collaboration with TRG Investama.

Andonowaty has travelled the globe intensively since early age and has been living in many countries. She experienced diverse life styles and is capable to adapt a completely new environment.